Frankie Leeworthy

JM: Who is Frankie Leeworthy?
FL: Just a regular girl who loves modelling.

JM: Where are you from?
FL: Manchester.

JM: Any plans to move to London for your career?
FL: Maybe in the future at the moment I’m concentrating on building a career base to make it worth while moving.

JM: How long have you been modelling?
FL: I have been modelling for about 4 months now.

JM: Where do you see your modeling career going 5 years from now?
FL: I hope to be a household name. I also want to try to be in fhm sexiest women countdown.

JM: Apart from having a great look, what else do you think is an important factor in succeeding as a model?
FL: I think you need to be patient and well prepared. The key things though I think are creativity and will to work hard for your career.

JM: What do you find sexy in a guy?
FL: I like my men to have a good sense of humour and to be outgoing and fun.

JM: Which female(s) celebs do you find sexy & why?
FL: Megan fox and Mila Kunis are my top girls. They’re just simply beautiful and are very sexy alluring women.

JM: Favourite alcoholic beverage?
FL: I’m a lager girl but I’m impartial to a nice bottle of rose.

JM: Do you prefer a night out with the girls or the lads?
FL: A night out with the boys and the girls there always the best. You get the best of both worlds 🙂

JM: Favourite Film & why?
FL: Pretty Woman. Its just amazing. Proves that true love is still out there.

JM: Favourite Actor / Actress?
FL: It’s a mix between sandra bullock, anne hathaway and Julia Roberts. All amazing and beautiful actresses.

JM: Will we be seeing more of you in weeks & months to come?
FL: I certainly hope so.

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